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Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

At ARONOVITZ LAW our attorneys are experienced in handling the difficult times that our clients encounter after a serious personal injury. We have witnessed client injuries and the resulting damage that can result from an accident and understand the struggle that our clients face in trying to recover fair compensation for their losses. For decades, our clients have seen that the attorneys of ARONOVITZ LAW are experienced and capable of serving as your Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.

We understand the Florida rules and regulations involving serious injury claims and obtain fair compensation for you and your family for all pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages that you and your loved ones have suffered. We help to insure that you receive full compensation for your losses and recognize that your case is very important to you and your family.

If you or your family members have suffered serious injuries and are unsure of your legal rights, please call the experienced attorneys at ARONOVITZ LAW at 305-372-2772 for a free consultation. Our leading Miami Personal Injury Lawyers will review your claim, at no cost to you, in order to determine if our law firm may be able to help.


ARONOVITZ LAW handles a variety of personal injury cases resulting from car and motorcycle accidents including:

  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Side impact collisions;
  • Rollovers;
  • Head-on collisions; and
  • Pedestrian accident cases.

You and your injured family members deserve to have experienced Miami personal injury lawyers representing you in your serious motorcycle accident case.

Florida insurance regulations can complicate the process of recovering fair compensation for injured motorcyclists. It is important for injured riders, or loved ones acting on their behalf, retain an experienced Miami motorcycle accident lawyer to handle these types of claims. For decades, the attorneys of ARONOVITZ LAW have successfully handled motorcycle accident claims and have recovered significant jury verdicts for injuries sustained in head-on collisions.


Wrongful Death

The sudden death of a loved one brings profound grief and suffering to the survivors of the deceased, no matter what the cause of death. When death occurs as the result of a negligent or reckless act on the part of another, the pain of loss is compounded by the shock and senselessness of the tragedy. Furthermore, the financial impacts of the death, such as medical bills, burial expenses, and lost wages, can be devastating for the entire family.

The experienced lawyers of ARONOVITZ LAW recognize the responsibility of serving a devastated family as your Miami Wrongful death lawyer.

If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one through the willful or negligent act of another, nothing anyone can say or do will make your sorrow and grief go away; only time will heal those wounds. If you are a family member of the deceased or the executor or administrator of the estate, however, you may be able to file a legal claim for wrongful death.

Any damages you may be awarded as the result of your claim can help to ease the financial burden of your loss. Damages permitted in a wrongful death case typically include:

  • Expenses incurred as the result of the death, such as medical, hospital and funeral costs;
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering of the deceased;
  • Losses suffered by the deceased’s next of kin, such as loss of financial support, loss of parental guidance, and loss of companionship

The attorneys at ARONOVITZ LAW understand the legal issues involved to represent your family as your capable Miami Wrongful Death attorneys. Please contact us for a free consultation in order for us to explain to you your legal rights. Call 305-372-2772 or online at

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider’s action or inaction deviates from accepted standards of medical practice, resulting in injury to a patient. A medical professional’s failure to cure an illness or guarantee a positive treatment outcome does not constitute malpractice. Rather, medical malpractice occurs when the doctor or nurse fails to exercise reasonable care in prescribing and delivering acceptable standards of treatment to a patient.

Representing you properly requires an attorney who is experienced in handling complicated medical malpractice cases. The attorneys of ARONOVITZ LAW are capable of representing you well as your Miami Medical Malpractice attorney.

Medical malpractice is more common than you may know. According to the HealthGrades Patient Safety in American Hospitals Study (2009), there were 913,215 total patient safety events among 864,765 Medicare beneficiaries from 2005 to 2007, representing 2.3 percent of the nearly 38 million Medicare hospitalizations, and resulting in 97,755 deaths. Keep in mind that these numbers do not include non-Medicare patients nor incidents that occurred in outpatient settings, generally far more numerous than those that take place in hospitals.

As recently as 2010, researchers at the Harvard School of Medicine found about 18 percent of patients in hospitals are injured during the course of their care and that many of those injuries are life-threatening, or even fatal. Moreover, the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that one in seven Medicare patients are injured during hospital stays, and that adverse events during their course of care contribute to the deaths of 180,000 patients every year.

When you seek advice or treatment from a healthcare provider, you trust that person to act in your best interests for your physical and emotional health and safety. Despite the wonders of modern medicine, in today’s healthcare environment, factors such as heavy patient loads, demanding schedules, and cost containment initiatives by health insurance companies, too often lead to mistakes. Whenever a patient’s health and safety is compromised because of human error or clear negligence, severe, permanent and life¬ changing injuries can result.

Please contact the Miami Medical Malpractice attorneys at ARONOVITZ LAW if you or someone you love has been injured by the action or inaction of a medical professional. You may have a valid claim for medical malpractice – a claim that can serve not only to provide financial compensation for your injuries, but also to hold medical providers and the healthcare system accountable, possibly preventing injury to other patients.

ARONOVITZ LAW attorneys understand the complicated medical issues involved in your medical malpractice case. We are recognized by our satisfied clients as being excellent Miami Medical Malpractice attorneys. Please call 305-372-2772 for a free consultation today.

Class Action

Consumer Class Action Litigation

Class action litigation seeks to bring similar claims in one case, in one court. The people who bring a class-action case are called “class representatives” or “named plaintiffs.” They sue on behalf of themselves and other people who have similar claims, called the “class” or “class members”. Class actions may be brought in state or federal court and may involve class members in one state, several states or throughout the country. At ARONOVITZ LAW, we take pride in being your Miami Class Action lawyers.

Class action cases help to further the goals of consumer protection and protect the rights of consumers. This type of suit offers many benefits for both class members and the legal system:

  • Class action litigation is very efficient, easing the burden on the legal system by reducing the amount of time and money required to resolve consumer complaints. Both the court system and defendants benefit by resolving similar consumer issues and legal claims in one court, rather than on a piecemeal basis in numerous states or federal courts.
  • An individual consumer is rarely a match for huge corporations with large legal staffs. By joining with many people in one case, consumers in class action cases level the legal playing field. Consumers who suffer damages that are too small to warrant an individual suit can join in a class action to pursue a claim against a wrongdoer in a cost-effective manner. For example, if an individual consumer suffers a loss of $50 or $100, the consumer is unlikely to sue to recover such a small sum. Class actions permit consumers to pool legal claims that might be uneconomical and unrealistic to litigate individually.
  • A class action is a critical deterrent to the future misconduct of defendants (the persons or corporations being sued) and others in the same industry. While successful class actions may bring only small recoveries to each individual class member, when all class members’ recoveries are combined, the total amount recovered may be substantial-perhaps even millions of dollars. Such an award becomes a tremendous incentive for businesses and individuals to adopt more ethical practices.
  • ARONOVITZ LAW has successfully represented many consumers who recognize us as the leading Miami Class Action lawyers.
  • In class action suits, class members and their lawyers often act as “private attorneys general” to enforce laws to protect the public at large, obtaining court orders leading to significant changes in wrongful practices and requiring disgorgement of illegal profits. Among other things, class action suits have:
    • Granted various forms of relief for consumers who were the victims of fraud or deceptive or unfair business practices.
    • Removed many defective products from the market and held accountable those who made them available to the public.
    • Upheld the civil and privacy rights of individuals.
    • Compensated class members who have been overcharged; charged false premiums, fees and costs; or charged illegally high interest rates and penalties.

The Miami Class Action lawyers at ARONOVITZ LAW are ready to listen to the facts of your case and provide consumer protection advice. Please call us at 305-372-2772 for a free consultation.

Whistleblower/Qui tam

Qui tam is a Latin term for a whistleblower. Whistleblower laws combat fraud by providing an incentive for individuals of conscience to come forward and report fraudulent activities. Qui tam allows a private citizen to file a lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. or state governments under their Civil False Claims Acts in an effort to recover losses caused by fraud against the government. At ARONOVITZ LAW we take pride in being your Miami Whistleblower lawyer.

Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers may be rewarded with a percentage (up to 25%) of the money the government recovers as a result of their Qui tam lawsuit. This provision helps to encourage people to assist the government in reducing fraud in spite of the potentially damaging effects whistle blowing might have at their jobs and in their personal lives. ARONOVITZ LAW has represented successfully many clients who recognize us as being the leading Miami Whistleblower lawyers.

Anytime one defrauds the government, there may be a possible claim under the FCA.  Common areas include:

  • Health Care, Medicaid and Medicare Fraud
  • Securities Fraud under the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Whistleblower Law
  • Doctor and hospital overbilling practices
  • Pharmaceutical overbilling schemes
  • IRS / Tax Fraud
  • Defense Contractor
  • Any government contract overbilling

These usually include wrongdoers seeking a fraudulent claim for payment or overcharging. This may include payments for goods or services.

Documentation is key to preparing a whistleblower case. If you have specific evidence of fraud committed against the government, take some time to note, in writing, the details of your claim. Include as much detail as you can, but don’t exaggerate or assume anything.

  • List the locations of documents, computer files and other proof.
  • List names of all others who have knowledge of the fraud. Describe whether or not they are still employed, and whether or not you believe they would be a willing witness.
  • Identify anyone who is likely to have participated in the fraud.
  • Describe the corporate structure of the offending company.
  • Describe how you believe laws, regulations, rules or procedures may have been violated.

Please call the Miami Whistleblower attorneys at ARONOVITZ LAW for a confidential and free consultation (305-372-2772). We look forward to advising you and evaluating your whistleblower case.

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