Federal Court Trial:

“I have to tell you, Tod Aronovitz is one of the most compassionate, loving, truly genuine people that I have ever met.  He truly holds your hand, not literally, but he truly is there for you in every aspect of going through a trial.  He definitely keeps you well informed of what’s going on with both sides of the trial.  I think the bottom line about Tod Aronovitz is that he truly cares about his clients.”


Federal Court Jury Trial:

“He’s a hero in my house” said the client. “Not to diminish him professionally, but he is an extraordinary person with very solid morals. He was on the right side and he won the case on principle. A lot of good came out of it. He took my case to make justice, really. He had to make new law. He argued like a lion.”


Consumer Class Action Case:

Investigation revealed that more than 50,000 Florida consumers were the subject of unfair debt collection practices by one of the largest credit card companies in America.
“Tod investigated the case closely. I was angry to learn that so many other honest people were being bothered so unfairly by the credit card company” the client said.


Auto Accident:

“I wanted to thank all of you at ARONOVITZ LAW for your hard work, professionalism, personalized attention and kindness to me and my family throughout my case.
Your firm places the client first and I am grateful for all of your efforts. I wish all of you the best and will remain in touch.” CH


Medical Malpractice:

“Tod and Eli: Thank you both very much for the work done on behalf of my mother. Eli, from the very beginning of our relationship you gave my sister and I great comfort with your highly professional and very personable approach to our situation and the associated multiple issues.
You were very thorough with all aspects of the case while at the same time always being cognizant and respectful of the related emotional and human aspects. This was important to us.” EK

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